Water-spray extinguishing

Water is a natural fire extinguishing agent. When fragmented into micro-droplets (smaller than 1 mm) and sprayed at low, medium or high pressure, depending on the hazard, water mist cools combustion and makes it possible to control the incident. It has little in the way of restrictions and is easy to implement, posing no threats to humans and offering a significant economic advantage over time, as the extinguishing agent is just water.

Depending on the type of hazard in play, the performance objectives may differ: control (limitation of spread and prevention of structural damage), suppression (significant reduction in the heat release rate and prevention of the risk of reignition) or complete extinguishing (total, definitive elimination of all flames and smouldering fire).

In response to these different challenges, DEF offers low, medium and high pressure water-spray extinguishing solutions, via a partner in the DEF Network. The Network has developed in-depth knowledge of water-spray extinguishing solutions, which it has successfully implemented to address issues of any complexity (petrochemicals, datacentres, etc.). Our experts at DEF Tunisia can guide you in choosing an extinguishing solution suited to your needs and then set it up and activate it for you.