Gas extinguishing

Automatic gas extinguishing systems target the heart of fire hazards in order to protect people and property whilst preserving the environment. The technologies developed by DEF, which are based on inert gases, guarantee that fires will be completely extinguished, in a way that treats people and the environment with respect.

DEFinert Matrix is DEF’s natural, eco-friendly automatic extinguishing solution. It is based on IG55, an inert gas which is useful for fire protection, is safe for people and equipment, and works by reducing oxygen levels to suppress the flames. When combined with a regulated valve, a check valve and a matrix-based mounting system that facilitates installation and maintenance, DEFinert Matrix is suitable for a multitude of applications, including to protect cabinets, archives and datacentres. For the latter, DEF has also developed a silent nozzle that limits noise pollution while the inert gas is being emitted, in order to preserve the equipment and data in protected sites.”



The origine of fire is mainly related to faulty connections in low and medium-power electrical cabinets or automation cabinets. These defects then cause strong heating, smoke and a start of fire in a few minutes.

PROCYON+ is an autonomous automatics fire detection and extinguishing  systeme. It is dedicated to the monitoring and fire protection of electrical power cabinets or industrial automation.

This system makes is possible to detect a fire star early, as soon as the first flue agses from pyrolysis appear. It takes the ambient air from the cabinet through a tubular network with holes in order to analyze it in its two high-sensitivity measuring chambers.

When the first analysis chamber detects the first fumes, PROCYON+ the triggers the visual and audible alarm. If the second chamber confirms the start of a fire, PROCYON+ automatically triggers the control of the extinguishing to diffuse a extinguishing agent inside the volume of the cabinet, and this well before the appearance of destructive flames. The gas released is inert and environmentally neutral. It consists in strongly lowering the oxygen level in the volum of the cabinet, until the extinguished of the disaster (action by choking).

PROCYON+ is associated with the DEFinert® range of extinguishing agents (argon IG01, nitrogen IG100, argon/nitrogen mixture IG55).

Photo du Procyon+

Photo du Procyon+