Oil & gaz

Special fire hazards


DEF DOI supports you throughout your projects, from design study to activation and maintenance of your fire and gas systems, whether or not they are attached to automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Whatever your issues or technical constraints, DOI works across the globe, on high-risk sites like offshore oil rigs, gas treatment plants, methane terminals and refineries.

The IEC 61508 compliant fire and gas system manages the receipt of alarm signals from flame, smoke, temperature and gas detectors. The central unit (which may or may not be redundant) processes the functional logic and directs the automatic extinguishing systems and the associated servo controls.

Designed with conventional or controller architecture, these solutions include line monitoring of the system’s inputs and outputs.

The operator interface can be used to run the system, and the fire and gas system has communication interfaces that can connect with supervisory screens, DCSs and the site’s overview diagram.


Our systems are SIL 2 or SIL 3 certified (IEC 61508)
Compliant with the EN 54 series of standards for fire detection
Compliant with EN 12094-1 for automatic extinguishing systems
Compliant with NFPA 72 for fire alarms
Explosive atmospheres


Foam extinguishing systems utilise the properties of a mix of water and foam, into which air is injected by a generator. The resulting product is sprayed onto the flames to suppress them by depriving them of oxygen, cooling them with the water and containing toxic fumes.

This low expansion foam displays low sensitivity to atmospheric conditions, particularly wind, which is the main obstacle to successfully spraying the foam in a wide enough range. As a result, low expansion foam is suitable for applications in which distance, and therefore range, are essential to putting out fires, particularly Class B fires (involving flammable liquids).

The foam extinguishing process offers an ideal alternative for effectively protecting large spaces, namely by minimising the devastating effects of water. Foam systems are able to extinguish rapidly spreading fires and prevent them from reigniting. The action of high expansion foam consists mainly of filling a large area as quickly as possible, in order to suppress the flames whilst blocking the supply of oxygen.

High expansion foam extinguishing solutions are particularly well suited to protecting large spaces. They are especially recommended for the protection of depots, cellars, cable tunnels and manufacturing units. Our high expansion foam extinguishing solution complies with APSAD regulation R12 and NFPA 11.


DOI manufactures water and foam deluge skids, from design to construction, to protect against special fire hazards.

Deluge valves mounted on skids are approved by the CNPP (French Centre for Prevention and Protection), FM, VdS and the Explosive Atmospheres Directive for applications in oil & gas facilities.