Centralised safety

Fire safety centralisation units (FSCUs) are controllers designed to help protect people and property by facilitating the intervention of emergency services. An FSCU is a series of devices that keep a building safe: they run the evacuation sounders (evacuation function), close the fire doors and fire dampers (compartmentation function), open the smoke extraction dampers and launch the smoke extractors (smoke extraction function) and then shut those extractors down during or after intervention by emergency services. To be able to check safety status in real time, the system needs to be able to report the statuses of the different components that it controls. The FSCU is part of a global fire safety system (FSS).

DEF regularly keeps up to date with the latest technological advances to allow it to incorporate major technical developments into its systems, in the interest of operator comfort, a vast, secure communication network, and real-time views of all the equipment that is integrated with the system.