Emergency PA system

Referred to in the standards as voice alarm control and indicating equipment (VACIE), an emergency public address system (EPAS) can be linked to a fire safety system, namely in response to certain sites needs and obligations relating to evacuation.

An EPAS has two main functions. The first is to allow an evacuation alarm to sound, based on a command from the FSS’s alarm control unit (ACU), following a sequence alternating between an NFS 32001 siren and a spoken message in either English or French. The voice messages can provide instructions, offer reassurances and streamline their behaviour in the face of danger. The second function is as a background sound system. Thanks to its dedicated inputs, you can play background music, broadcast activities over a UHF microphone or transmit pre-recorded messages.

DEF’s FSS is associated with a range of loudspeakers, each of which is designed for a targeted application, such as in offices, on sales floors, in parks, etc.

In collaboration with Bouyer, its DEF Network partner, DEF DOI will suggest the emergency PA solutions that are best suited to your site’s needs.